Neelam's Beauty and Medicare
NB&MC is an organisation dedicated to serving stout hearted women battling cancer, helping them cope both medically and aesthetically.

We are associated with all major hospitals in Mumbai
Network all over India
Wigs for Chemotherapy Patients
Neelam's Beauty & Medicare (NBMC) is associated with all major hospitals in Mumbai. We provide wigs preferably made from patient's own hair before the start of their treatment / Chemotherapy.

Different price range is available to suit every customer varying from minimun for 100% synthetic hair to higher price for 100% natural real human hair depending on the length and thickness.
Wigs are "Ready to wear" and  "Make to order"

We carry out maintenance, repair, straightening, coloring , shampooing, styling etc of wigs.


We help cancer patients to get over the unavoidable loss caused due to the difficult cancer treatment by providing tailored wigs and prosthesis. Reserch shows that providing aesthetic improvements to the patients affects their health in a positive way.


We also have a beauty salon providing aesthetic wigs, hair extensions, hair patches, hair systems, toupees for men and women and all other beauty services to the beauty conscious women.

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