Neelam's Beauty and Medicare
NB&MC is an organisation dedicated to serving stout hearted women battling cancer, helping them cope both medically and aesthetically.

We are associated with all major hospitals in Mumbai
Network all over India
Wigs for Chemotherapy Patients
Neelam's Beauty & Medicare (NBMC) is associated with all major hospitals in Mumbai. We provide wigs preferably made from patient's own hair before the start of their treatment / Chemotherapy.

Different price range is available to suit every customer varying from minimun for 100% synthetic hair to higher price for 100% natural real human hair depending on the length and thickness.
Wigs are "Ready to wear" and  "Make to order"

We carry out maintenance, repair, straightening, coloring , shampooing, styling etc of wigs.


We help cancer patients to get over the unavoidable loss caused due to the difficult cancer treatment by providing tailored wigs and prosthesis. Reserch shows that providing aesthetic improvements to the patients affects their health in a positive way.


We also have a beauty salon providing aesthetic wigs, hair extensions, hair patches, hair systems, toupees for men and women and all other beauty services to the beauty conscious women.

Post Mastectomy Breast Prosthesis (Enhancers) and Brassieres 
Silicone and Latex-Cotton Breast Prosthesis
Medical Grade Silicon Breast Prosthesis 
 Caters to the essential needs of a woman post breast surgery
 Made from silicone to look and feel like breast tissue
 Skin-friendly and hypoallergenic
 Balanced fit provides a proper and secure shape
 Provides more freedom in clothing choices
 Easy wear and removal
 Washable and reusable
 Available in different sizes and different models

Holding -Pocket Cotton Brassiere For Prosthesis
Cotton hosiery pocket holding  brassiere for mastectomy patients in various sizes and colors
Controlling Lymphedema with Compression Garments and Lympha Press Mini (12 Chambers)
Compressing the swollen tissue and stopping fluid from building up
Helping to move fluid to an area that's draining well
Providing support, which allows the muscles to pump fluid away more effectively
Applying more pressure in certain areas to encourage the fluid to drain

                                                                       ✤  Testimonials ✤

I am a regular visitor to Neelams Beauty and Medicare. They are very caring people. While undergoing beauty treatments I have observed a number of Chemotherapy patients visiting the place where every thing from Wigs to prosthesis is available to suit every budget.

They have also come out with a very new concept of making wigs out of the patients own hair before beginning of the Chemotheraphy.

Another innovative concept is that a number of college students visit this place to donate their hair for the needy patients who cannot afford to purchase expensive real hair wigs. Wigs made out of donated hair are handed over by the donors themselves to such needy patients.

                                                                                                                     Mrs Asha Sahani- Home maker

I regularly visit Neelam's Beauty and Medicare. Service there is very good . The staff is friendly and good at their work. very often while i am there I see cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy coming in search of wigs that would suit their faces. They are always patiently shown a variety shown a variety of wigs and most of the time they go back satisfied and happy having found the wig of their choice. 
Anuradha Nichani
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Neelam's Beauty & Medicare 
Shop No. 6 Skydeck 
Raviraj Oberoi Complex
Nr. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital 
Andheri - West

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Shop No 6, Sky Deck Building, Oberoi Complex,Near Laxmi Industrial Estate, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Nanavati Hospital,SAB TV Lane, Off Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053
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Mon - Sun : 10:30 AM - 07:30 PM
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